A Touch for Health Balance at age 51 changed my Life...Deb Jenkins

The Touch for Health body of knowledge that is part of  "Ultimate Massage System" can go a long way in maintaining an energized, mentally and physically fit body throughout its aging process. As an instructor, I am very aware of the importance of the scope of traditional medical providers and refer my private clients appropriately.  I am truly dedicated to the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between Holistic and Medical practices.  I also know that healthcare is a huge financial burden for families as well as businesses.  My online classes and live workshops draw from my 20+ years of experience and training in various holistic modalities an featuring Touch for Health and can reduce those costs dramatically!  One of another TFH instructor's students actually kept track of the cost of medical services she paid out for the year following her completion her training.  She calculated her savings (comparing to the year before) caring for her family of 9 (7 kids) to be just under $4,500!  That more than paid for her costs of taking Touch for Health classes! Now is the time to learn and use this system to better your entire world!

Please contact me with any questions regarding my information at (913) 313-8668 or send me a email at deb@deborahljenkins.com. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my workshops can improve your life and the lives of your clients...DEB

Dr. John Thie does  a Touch for Health 14 Fix as You Go Muscle Balance

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